Naturaw stockists are all specially selected, congratulations on joining the family.

There are however some t&c’s and some important things you need to know for yourself and your customers, so lets get them out of the way…

why Naturaw?

Our raw food is an artisan, hand made, hand packed product made from the finest ingredients with no cheap fillers (cuts of meat like lung, large percentages of tripe, veg). It’s packed in biodegradable packaging, with sleeves printed on recycled card in vegetable based inks. We are a small, incredibly passionate team who design and create everything from scratch ourselves.


All information on trade pricing is strictly confidential and details of it, along with access to the secure trade website are limited to our stockists alone. You may at no time share publicly or privately any of this information with any third party. Naturaw log all IP addresses and monitor all access to this website, we also place unique identifiers in all electronic and paper communication, so we can tell where any information originated.

Naturaw products must be sold at the RRP at all times.


To maintain the value of our brand, nothing other than Naturaw raw food may be displayed in a Naturaw branded freezer at any time.

(If in the future you no longer wish to stock Naturaw food but have bought the freezer, the Naturaw branding must be fully removed.)


Due to concerns about how some orders are packaged by other retailers, we currently do not allow our products to be shipped via courier. If you would like to offer this service please speak to us first.

If you are packaging orders for your own delivery, please take particular care in how Naturaw products are packed. Tubs should all be the correct way up, and unable to move in the box.

Our tubs are biodegradable, our sleeves fully recycled and printed with vegetable based inks. If not treated properly they are a little easier to damage than most of the plastic ones on the market. We have made the decision to sacrifice a little durability in order to make our packaging fully eco friendly, as this is of particular importance to us.

If you would like advice on packaging then please feel free to get in touch.


We recently made the transition to more environmentally friendly wool lined boxes.

So that we can continue to offer these and we can maintain our trade discount and delivery pricing structure we require all our stockists to return their wool liners to us in FULL boxes of 8 liners. We will provide free labels and instructions – we can arrange a FREE collection when you have multiple FULL boxes). Please ask us for details via email if you are unsure of anything or to request labels/collections.

Marketing material

We love our brand and attention to detail is incredibly important to us. We ask that you do not produce any Naturaw branded material without our approval. We will provide you with price lists, flyers, signage and other material you require, just ask.

If you are in doubt about anything you are publishing either online or in print please just send it to and we will get back to you with advice asap.


You may use the photographs of the tubs on your website/social media. We do not currently allow any use of the Naturaw ‘bowl’ pictures except on the Naturaw retail website. This is predominantly as we have had a lot of issues with copyright theft of our photography to sell other brands, and we need to keep tight control of these images.

Feeding guidelines

Our balanced minces are designed to be nutritionally complete in raw feeders terms. They are not labelled as ‘complete’ because FEDIAF guidelines dictate that manufactured vitamins and minerals would need to be added to reach the guidelines imposed on dry & tinned processed foods. In raw feeding terms the 80% Meat, 10% bone, 10% offal is nutritionally balanced. Some manufacturers do ignore the FEDIAF guidelines and mark as complete foods however we also do not mark as complete because it is essential to feed a wide variety of different minces (not one balanced product alone) to fulfil all the different vitamins & minerals differing meats provide.

Our foods are intended to be fed alone, without the addition of any pasta, rice, potato – we ask that retailers do not suggest this way of feeding to customers purchasing any of our products. This is not our ethos and the recipes are developed with no intention of them being diluted with no species appropriate carbohydrates. We do produce a vegetable mince which contains butternut squash and green veggies like kale, spinach, spring cabbage, parsley. These are the only kind of non animal product foods we would suggest mixing with the food (particularly for overweight, greedy, those needing lower fat diet for medical reasons etc).

Naturaw reserve the right to terminate a trade account immediately if these terms and conditions aren’t adhered to.

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